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FULL NAME: James Buchanan Barnes
NICKNAMES: Bucky, Buck, Sarge, The Asset, The New Fist of Hydra, Winter Soldier, Zimniy Soldat (Зимний Солдат), Vanya (Ваня), Djenya (Дженя), Djeyms (Джеймс).
AGE / DOB: 100 / March 10, 1917
OCCUPATION: Unemployed. Substantial experience as a sniper/assassin.
ALIGNMENT: Vascilates between Neutral Good and Chaotic Neutral.

BLOCK / ROOM: Hotel / 501


PRIMARY MOTIVATION: Freedom, A Fucking Break, Protecting Steve
DEEPEST FEAR / INSECURITY: That he's never going to be more than what they made him. That he was chosen for this because there was something in him that was already broken.
MBTI: ISFJ (A) - The Defender
LIKES: Dogs, Brooklyn, cheap hard alcohol, Irish food, Steve, people who are similar to Steve, people who also like Steve, making things, knives, guns, improvised weaponry, hand to hand combat
DISLIKES: Russians, Hydra, pretense, the term "man bun"
FAVORITE TOPICS OF CONVERSATION: Bucky enjoys sitting quietly and not talking unless he absolutely has to. If he must talk, he does not like talking about himself, his past, WWII, Russia, or anything related to those things. He least hates talking about Steve, Brooklyn, science, art, things that remind him of those things, guns and ammo, dogs, old hollywood movie stars.

If Steve Rogers was forged standing up to bullies on the streets of Brooklyn, Bucky Barnes was forged protecting him. From early childhood onward, Bucky spent most of his time protecting the small, wimpy kid who lived on his block. A scrappy, skinny asthmatic who was always painting and who clearly didn't know better than to pick fights with guys twice his size. And for whatever reason, something about that stupid kid resonated with Bucky in a way that nothing else had. He was instantly drawn to the way Steve rushed into battle, firing on all cylinders and biting off more than he could chew. It was like Bucky had finally met someone who was just as dumb and reckless as he was, but differently so. As Bucky got to know Steve better, he started to realize that yes, Steve did crazy things, but not because he didn't think about the consequences. Steve did crazy things, knowing full well that there would be consequences, because it was the decent thing to do. So it was that Bucky came to provide the necessary brawn to support Steve's noble tendencies. And in exchange, Steve provided the companionship and moral direction that Bucky sorely needed.

His father was a good man, but he was frequently absent, and because an army stipend isn't much for a family to live on, Bucky was often left to fend for himself. He managed to keep himself alive, but in doing so, he made a habit of getting himself into trouble. Not the sort of do-gooding trouble Steve did, either. Petty larceny, truancy, trespassing, playing ball in the house, those sorts of things. The kind of stuff that they'd call "boys being boys" back in his day, even if it earned you a smack. And though he couldn't stop getting into trouble, he could usually charm his way out of it: being handsome, clever and quick on the draw lent itself pretty well to that sort of skill/personality defect. And it was one that served him well.

He was known as something of a ladies' man during his younger years, though this reputation was not nearly as earned as he'd have liked to pretend. Ultimately, he spent a lot more of his time patching up Steve than he ever did romancing anybody. He grew up in a day and age when traditional masculinity was highly valued, and he is a product of his time in many respects: he was certainly no stranger to starting fights, or kicking a guy's ribs in. But then, growing up around a kid like Steve Rogers means that you really don't get to have too many antiquated opinions.

Ultimately, a lot of his more destructive behaviors were mitigated by the positive influence of Steve Rogers. Steve was the kid who'd balk at the idea of stealing something nonessential, but would happily give you money he didn't have so you could pay the vendor back. If Bucky was Aladdin: the well-meaning street rat who frequently resorted to stealing, Steve was Cinderella: the hard-working orphan girl who never complained about her lot in life and gave freely to others despite having very little herself.

And that was the thing about Steve Rogers that so appealed to Bucky Barnes. Steve was good in a way that most people didn't know how to be. In a way that most people didn't even understand. That was why Bucky felt like he needed to protect him. Not just because Steve needed protection (although he obviously did,) but because Bucky saw something there that was worth preserving. There have always been things that Bucky didn't like about himself. Some of them were necessary for a parentless child growing up in Brooklyn, a task which required street smarts, selfishness and savvy to ensure survival. But within Bucky, there was always a belief that ultimately, he wasn't really a good guy. But Steve was. Steve was a symbol of everything the world could be, and damned if Bucky was going to let the world beat those out of him.

Bucky and Steve are two halves of a whole. Steve is the cornerstone kid of the American cities. Steve, the earnest goodness one has come to expect in someone who wants to protect and serve - and someone who derives meaning from that. Bucky, on the other hand. Bucky who doesn't understand why he is or what he does - only that he must. Even when he was a kid beating up bullies for Steve on the streets of Brooklyn, there was a darkness in him. A darkness he didn't always understand, that let him pull the trigger where others wouldn't, that felt a private thrill at the flash of a knife or the sound of gun shots. A darkness that had always been there, that he couldn't will away. So he did what any not-good man who valued goodness would do: he decided to use his darkness to help the light shine brighter.

His desire to protect Steve didn't go anywhere when Steve quadrupled in size. Bucky has always had Steve's back in a fight, and that didn't change when Steve stopped needing backup as much. Although their tendency to play off each other -- and their desire to impress each other -- certainly found a new and dangerous outlet in the battlefield. They spent a little time testing each other out, trying to navigate the weird new dynamic between them, but they didn't have long to work things out before they were off to fight some Germans. Bucky had some reservations about the new Steve, but he never let it interfere with their relationship in any way that others would have seen.

Though it's best exemplified in his battlefield persona, that streak of darkness in Bucky has always been visible in other areas as well. Bucky is a good deal more naturally dry, snarky and cynical than Steve ever was. As a soldier, he developed a taste for black humor, finding things to laugh about in the bleakest of situations, but it's not a habit that always translates well outside of those circles. His jokes -- especially those made at his own expense -- can sometimes elicit a wince from those who don't know him well enough to recognize this for the coping mechanism that it is. Karl Marx once said, "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce." And Bucky has long since recognized his own life as the perfect illustration of this principle.

All that said, Bucky was a good soldier, but he didn't like it. He never wanted it. He didn't want to fight or die for his country, and he didn't particularly understand what was going on overseas that meant he needed to. After he got captured and tortured, his reluctance was amplified, and only some of that can be attributed to the experimental Hydra serum fucking with his brain. What Bucky really wanted was always to live an ordinary, boring life with Steve, maybe a family. What he got was a whole lot of miserable bull shit.

Here's where it gets complicated.

The Winter Soldier is a Bucky Barnes stripped of history and context, devoid of empathy, removed from everything he once held to be true and dear, but a Bucky Barnes at times recognizable as the man underneath the programming. Which is why he finds it so difficult to forgive himself for everything the Winter Soldier did.

As the Winter Soldier, he was a cold, unerring, and ruthless assassin who eliminated his targets without fear or mercy, who showed no qualms about killing in cold blood. Some of it was brainwashing, certainly. But some of that was just Bucky. There was a reason he was chosen for the project - his marksmanship, his experience as a military sniper, his years of combat training, his multilingual fluency, and his calculating battlefield efficacy were all factors, but it was an inborn quality that set him apart. It wasn't that he was cruel, exactly. He didn't derive pleasure from the suffering of others. But he was ruthless. He had always been ruthless. His first kill as the Winter Soldier was far from his first kill.

Brave, efficient and cunning, he was a natural spy long before he donned the red star. HYDRA didn't teach him to lie, cheat, steal or kill. The army did. His father did. His life did. He was always a dagger, and HYDRA wasn't the first to discover and exploit it. He is calculating and meticulous in the field, and it is exceedingly rare to get a glimpse behind the mask. Coupled with an utter lack of personal connections -- after the ice, he really couldn't remember anything about who he was or where he came from -- these traits made him the ideal assassin. There's nothing more dangerous than a man who has absolutely nothing to lose.

Traumatic brain injury, along with subsequent brainwashing and repression, all but destroyed his episodic and autobiographical memory. However, his semantic and procedural memories were left untouched. (That is, though he could remember nothing about himself or his life, he retained his knowledge of facts, meanings, and concepts about the external, and he could remember everything he'd learned without knowing why or how he learned it.) This depersonalization made Bucky an excellent undercover operative, up to a point. Having a blank slate to build on made it simple to craft a cover identity, especially one that spoke to Bucky's skills. However, his lack of a well-established identity would eventually become a liability in the field. Without a "new" personality to supplant his old one, constant exposure to familiar environs sometimes brought out elements of Bucky's old self. This problem ultimately led to a ban from stateside missions, and long-term cryostorage between assassinations to halt the spread of his mental deterioration.

In all of his myriad forms, Bucky is a pragmatist, and he excels at making the best of bad situations. His pragmatism is most evident in combat -- he is far quicker to resort to less dignified forms of fighting than most of his fellow fighters, especially the more "just" and "fair-minded" ones. He would have no qualms about playing possum and unloading a full clip in someone's face, pulling someone's hair, or trying some other stunt that most would consider a little unsportsmanlike. (Hey, it's only a bad idea if it doesn't work. It's only cheating if you get caught. And there's no crying in baseball.) He's very confident in his skills and abilities, carrying himself with the weight and severity of someone who knows exactly what he's capable of. But his arrogance is practical rather than delusional. He's sure of his strengths, but he also has the self-awareness to recognize his shortcomings.

His goodness errs on the side of chaotic, but he's actually quite decent and noble. Despite his distaste for authority and his fondness for gaming the system, he's devoted, selfless and patient when the cause (or the person) is right. Having come from nothing, he doesn't need much, and he's generous whenever he can afford to be. But he'll still smack your hand away if you try to snag a bite of his sandwich without asking. He's known for his unfailing loyalty - to America, and to Cap, and he would die rather than allow any harm to come to them.

And he has, in fact. So you know. Put up or shut up.

There's a lot of guilt, shame and regret that he feels about what this duality means for him going forward. He recognizes that it wasn't his fault that he was kidnapped and brainwashed, but he still feels responsible for the lives that he took, and whatever satisfaction he derived from being good at it. And ultimately, he isn't so sure that his acts as the Winter Soldier were materially different from his acts as Bucky Barnes. He had killed before. He had once liked to believe that he'd never killed an innocent, that everyone he killed needed to die, that he was doing right by his country and his men. But he's not so sure anymore. He understands now that our beliefs and values are fashioned by the circumstances of our birth, and that morality is often far more relative than the history books make it out to be. He believed that he was doing the right thing when he worked for the US. But he believed it when he was working for HYDRA, too.


LINK: History
PROUDEST MOMENT or WORST MOMENT: Bucky's worst moment was probably the moment he realized that he was the one who murdered Tony's parents. While standing next to Tony. That was extremely uncomfortable. Bucky wasn't being truthful when he said that he remembered every assassination - he remembers some of them, but he doesn't remember the specifics, and he doesn't really know who most of his targets were. He's certainly never been face to face with a victim's family like that, fully cognizant of his role in their suffering. He doesn't blame Tony for trying to kill him. Under different circumstances, he might have let him.


WHAT POKEMON WOULD YOUR CHARACTER BE?: Silvally, but he's a Growlithe at heart.

Silvally | normal

Once it finds a partner it trusts, Type: Null destroys its own control mask to become Silvally. It reverts to its wild temperament, but it will obey its Trainer and even risk its own life in its partner's defense. The destruction of its mask re-activates its RKS System, allowing it to change its type according to the Memory attached to it; its eyes, spikes, and fin membrane all change color to match its current type.

HOW DOES YOUR CHARACTER REACT TO ARRIVING: Bucky's first thought would be either that General Ross had captured them and brought him in, or that Hydra had gotten hold of him somehow. So there would be a fair amount of very quiet, contained panicking. He'd serach for and contemplate possible routes of escape, but wouldn't try any of them until he had a clear opening. Until someone let him out of his cell and he had an opportunity to attack and run.
WHAT THREE ITEMS FROM HOME WOULD YOUR CHARACTER LIKE?: He'd really like a bionic arm that works. His is currently a sad little stub. Also his backpack, which contains his notebooks and other small personal items. And his jacket. He likes his jacket.


STRENGTH: 4, but his arm is at least 5 when attached.
INTELLIGENCE: 4 (enhanced)

OTHER POWERS: Bucky is an Olympic-class athlete, an exceptional acrobat, and an extremely accurate marksman. He is also a dangerously skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. He received training from combat luminaries in multiple martial arts, and was trained in more of them while being molded into an assassin by the Soviet Union. He has single-handedly beaten just an insane number of people with varying degrees of super powers and combat proficiencies, and has fought other powered individuals to a stand still.

He is an expert in the field of espionage, skilled in stealth, demolitions, survival, deducing other people's ways of thinking and other fields. Barnes is possibly the most lethal assassin in the marvel universe. Barnes has from concealment thrown a 60 centimeters-long knife to penetrate the winter uniform outer garment of a German soldier with such accuracy as to pierce his heart in high arctic winds several meters. He is a master at stealth and tracking and is very intelligent. Barnes has made a habit out of constantly studying his surroundings and depicting what he can and cannot do in whatever situation he should fall into. He is also fluent in four languages including German and Russian, and is conversational in French, Romanian, and basically every slavic language.

Thanks to some crazy experimental science nonsense conducted on Bucky first when he was captured by HYDRA and subsequently when he became the pet project of General Vasily Karpov, Bucky's longevity and his aging process has been enhanced. Aside from that (and his cybernetic arm,) Bucky doesn't have much in the way of superhuman abilities, but he still manages to hold his own quite well against powered opponents. Of course, this has something to do with the fact that he's packing a lot more fire power than the rest of the super hero crew.


  1. Tickle Me Pink - Johnny Flynn
  2. Holland 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel
  3. Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron
  4. Lemonworld - The National
  5. Fortunate Son - Cat Power
  6. With God On Our Side - Bob Dylan
  7. Human - Daughter
  8. Night Terror - Laura Marling
  9. Hurt - Johnny Cash
  10. If I Ever Leave This World Alive - Flogging Molly
  11. Bury Me Far From My Uniform - Joe Pug
  12. Seventy Four, Seventy Five - Shearwater


FANDOM: Marvel Cinematic Universe
CANON POINT: Post-CW, but before he gets iced.
WHY ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PLAYING THIS CHARACTER: Bucky Barnes is like my character baby. I've been playing him in various forms for at least 8 years. I remember playing Bucky at games and having to explain who he was to people. I remember playing Bucky back when STEVE players didn't really give a fuck about him. I've cried about him at stoplights. And now, 8 years later, I still like him in spite of what tumblr has done to him. We've been through a lot together. Also as R and I have established, my favorite character types are "evil and gay and love to complain," and "murder children," and Bucky hits on a lot of those high points.
PB: Sebastian Stan


NAME: Anna
EMAIL: thebittermarch@gmail.com
AIM/GCHAT: same as above
CDJ: [info]hansolo


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At the request of Steve Rogers (616), Bucky has been removed from the scenario and placed in Alfa.
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WWClue Reward

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Bucky escapes with a pink backpack containing 2 crampons, a suture kit & bandage, 25 waterproof matches, an emergency blanket, and one chicken fajita MRE. He goes for a flare gun gets into a fight with Rocket who gets the gun, and leaves him with a broken bone [roll=4]. This goes under "Fight 4" in the Cornucopia post

On Day 4 in the Arena, Bucky comes across a large first aid kit. But so does Lucretia. They fight over it and he leaves with an severe injury [roll - 5]. The first aid kit is full of beanie babies. But they might be worth something someday. (Decide amongst yourself who gets it)

Please communicate with your fight partner(s) to plan any interactions.
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Hunger Games Week 2 Plot Drop

On Day 11 in the Arena, Bucky takes refuge in Cave I, the Sweet Cave, spying a pile of supplies in there. It's a lovely night, but he doesn't wake again. RIP Bucky. :(